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About Barbara Schwerdt 

Barbara Schwerdt, BA, CPDT-KA, CNWINACSW Founding Instructor, Trial Judge, Certifying Official (Retired)CNWI Continuing Education and New Instructor Education Senior Faculty


Barbara and her German Shepherd Landis (R.I.P.) were involved in K9 Nose Work since 2008. At
the first sanctioned NW1 trial they earned “The Harry Award”, which is given to the most
outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work. They
received a “Pronounced” designation for each of the three title levels: NW1, NW2, and NW3.
Barbara and Landis were the 3rd team in the country to earn an NW3 Elite title. They qualified
for the first four National Invitational events and competed in the first three, placing 2nd, 5th,
and 12th. He earned his Elite 2 title before retiring. Landis was also part of the United States
Naval Research Laboratory’s Odor Discrimination Study.

Barbara and her next K9 Nose Work partner, “Cassandra Sue (Cassie)”, a Labrador
Retriever/Border Collie mix, have been working together since July 2015. After spending nearly
a year on “primary” in literally dozens of locations, Cassie is now competing at the Elite level,
having just earned her 3 rd NW3 Title. Cassie has also earned her L1I, L2I, L1C and L2C.

Currently, Barbara and her newest K9 Nose Work partner, a German Shepherd named Renner,
have been working together since February 2022. A firm believer in building a strong
foundation, Barbara is keeping Renner on “primary” for a while longer before introducing odor.
In addition to her role of Trial Judge and retired Certifying Official, Barbara also serves the
organization as a Senior Faculty member. Barbara has been instrumental in curriculum
development and education of new nose work instructors, as well as continuing education for
certified instructors. In partnership with Dogs of Course, she has been a K9 Camp Instructor
since the very first camp in Pennsylvania in 2010. Barbara has been invited to speak, coach, and
teach seminars throughout the United States and on the east coast of Australia. Seminar topics
include Trial Prep for NW1, NW2, and NW3, Converging Odor, Inaccessible Hides, Problem
Solving, and the ever-popular Hide Placement. She teaches weekly K9 nose work classes for
students at the NW3, Elite, and Summit levels.

By day Barbara is a full-time corporate trainer where she has been since 1990. She holds the
position of Director of Education and Training for a not-for-profit property management
company that serves low to moderate income senior citizens, families, and the chronically-
mentally ill. She holds a BA degree in Deaf Studies with a minor in Gerontology from California
State University, Northridge. She worked as a nationally certified sign-language interpreter for
nearly 20 years.

She shares her dog training company, Amante’ Dog Training, with her husband’s dog-walking
and pet sitting business Safe at Home Pet Care. Barbara is a professional member of the
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a certified member of the Certification Council for
Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), The National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW),

the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the National Association of Professional Pet
Sitters (NAPPS), Pet Sitter’s International (PSI), AIDS LifeCycle Training Ride Leaders, and
Shifting Gears Cycling Club. She and her husband have fostered numerous guide dog puppies in
training, primarily German Shepherds, ensuring appropriate house-manners are part of the
skills they learn. 

She has been an avid distance cyclist since 2011 and has raised nearly $50,000 for AIDS
LifeCycle, a non-profit organization in California which provides much needed services to those
infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
Barbara is grateful to share her life with her long-time husband, Gerry, a house cat named
Parker, their little black Labrador Cassandra Sue, and newest member Renner, German
Shepherd Dog.
Barbara Schwerdt, BA, CPDT-KA, CNWI
NACSW Founding Instructor, Trial Judge, Certifying Official (Retired)
CNWI Continuing Education and New Instructor Education Senior Faculty

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