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Duration Training

Learn how you can practice duration training with your dog to get them to sit and stay for longer periods of time!

Duration Training

Hi, this is Wesley again for Thousand Hills Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training.

Today we're going to talk about duration training. People have come to me and said "hey, my dog knows what stay is, but soon as I leave the room, the dog comes."

So why is that? And the reason why is that they haven't trained the dog for duration. And so when you're doing duration you say like "Lady, stay,"
you can turn your back, and then you turn back, and then you treat.

Or you walk a little bit around, and then you come back. You do little incremental baby steps, inch by inch. Right? And you make it a little longer, and longer. So you go a little bit further away, then you come back
and you pay her.

And then a little bit further more toward that– she knows that you're leaving but you're coming back. And you teach her that duration. It takes time. It takes consistency, and
in the end, you'll have a fantastic stay. Thanks.

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