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How To Stop Inappropriate Chewing

Learn how to help your dog overcome chewing on things they're not supposed to chew on!

How To Stop Inappropriate Chewing

Hi this is Wesley again from Thousand Hills Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training. And on this Training Tip Tuesday we'll go over how to stop dogs from chewing on everything in the house!

It really starts at the puppy level. If your dog is older, it not too late to start training. Getting your dog to stop chewing on inappropriate items is you trying to communicate to them what an appropriate item to chew is.

You have to try to have appropriate items for them to chew on like Kongs, rawhides, or other types of chews. Every time you see them grab something inappropriate, say "that's not yours, but this is for you." Trade the inappropriate item for the appropriate item.

Do that consistently. You have to be consistent and diligent in stopping them from chewing on one thing and give them what's appropriate. And if you have the ability, pick those things up and don't put them down. If I don't want my dog to chew on my shoes, guess what I do? I put my shoes up out of the way until they understand what's appropriate to chew on and what's not appropriate. One of the first things that I talk to clients about is how to puppy-proof their home when they're getting a new puppy because a new puppy doesn't know. It's exploring with their mouth. That's what dogs explore with, mouth and paws. And both can be sharp, right? And strong. And so uh you know we puppy-proof stuff and we're always on the ready to to trade an item that is inappropriate with you for an appropriate item. It doesn't take long for them to get it you know. They don't want to do anything to upset you so once they understand they got it.

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