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Staying Rooted to Ground

Find out why your training stance matters! It may seem natural to want to sit with your dog but that can prove counterproductive.

Staying Rooted to Ground

Wesley, here again for Thousand Hills
Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training on Training Tip Tuesdays.

So today, I want to talk about being rooted to the floor or your training stance. A lot of times when people are teaching skills or training young puppies, or even older dogs, what they'll do is they'll sit flat on the ground.

When the trainers ask the dog to do something, the dog will move away and they won't have the maneuverability to get the job done.
And with the attention spans that dogs have, especially puppies, you have a limited time. So if I'm rooted on the ground, and the dog does something and I'm trying to get the dog to be successful,
I'm trying to get it to give me an item. Or to roll, or to do something.

And the more time I spend not getting it done,
the less time they want to spend doing it. And so what I suggest, is to have some sort of athletic stance. So that whenever you ask them to do
something, you have maneuverability. If I ask the dog to retrieve an item, so the dog doesn't take off– you know to the other side of the room, I'm there following it in order to pick it up, Have it– you know, give it to me, drop it,
trade for something else. Or whatever it is to keep that successful. So we can end on a successful note.

So next time when we come, the dog wants to do it because the last time, they had
so much fun and it was successful. Thank you.

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