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Why training environment matters

Learn how to be aware of the environment you're trying to teach your dog tricks!

Why training environment matters

Hi, this is Wesley again from Thousand Hills Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training on Training Tip Tuesdays.

Something that I really want to mention to you is when you're teaching a skill to think about the set up- think about what's around in the room. If I have Lady here backed up to this chair and I asked her to sit, that chair might hinder her from sitting and then she's not going to be able to perform.

She won't be successful and then maybe next time she won't want to do it as readily. I've seen people ask their dogs to do downs and the floor is wet, and it's full of water, and it's uncomfortable and then the next time
they're wondering why is it that she doesn't want to do it?

The reason why is that she has
negative association. So just remember and look around from your dog's point of view see what's
going on when you ask them to do something. Right? To keep those associations positive and always on this and on a successful note. Thanks.

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