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Why you shouldn't be treat stingy

Being generous with treats can make a difference when you're teaching or training your dog! Learn how to avoid being treat-stingy with your dog!

Why you shouldn't be treat stingy

Hi, this is Wesley again from Thousand Hills Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training on Training Tip Tuesdays. What I want to talk about today is making sure you're not being stingy with treats.

I notice a lot of people struggling with this as they are training their dogs. What ends up happening is the dog begins to struggle in learning a skill. This is because once they learn that skill, their owners continue to give them the same treat that they would have given them any other time.

When dogs are struggling with something it's important to be extra celebratory. Right? Make a big deal about it. Really jackpot them. Make them know that the effort that they put out was really appreciated. This will help solidify that skill for a long time. Thank you.

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