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Trick Dog Performer Title

Our 5-Week Course

In this course, we'll get you prepared to earn the Trick Dog Performer Title! Handlers and their dogs will perform a short routine to have evaluated by our evaluator in order to receive your title.

Routine Information

A total of 10 Tricks with at least 3 tricks using props from the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced titles are required to earn the Trick Dog Performer title.

  1. The dog and handler must perform a Tricks routine that includes at least 2 Intermediate Tricks and 2 Advanced Tricks.

  2. The routine may have a story (This is my dog Princess. Princess loves school. Here is what she does at school. She plays ball on the playground, and then she takes a nap, etc.)

  3. You make up any and all of the tricks to use in your "story" as per these rules

  4. The last class will be an opportunity to perform the final routine and be evaluated by the instructor.


Must have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced titles on record.


Cost of Trick Dog Performer Title

$145 for 5 weeks - in-person

Upcoming Class Schedule

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