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Advanced Clicker Class & CGC

Our 6-Week Course

This class is perfect for Canine Good Citizens! It’s time to try the higher level of CGC training: Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) and Urban Canine (CGCU). This class is structured to help prepare you and your dog for advanced CGC evaluations. While the emphasis will be on the Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA), this class can also prepare you to take your Urban Canine (CGCU) evaluation. Four weeks will be spent on training.  Week five will be dedicated to CGCA evaluations at Gentle Touch Pet Training facility.  Week six will be off-site (downtown San Luis Obispo) and will be dedicated to CGCU evaluations.


What we'll work on:

We’ll work on teaching your dogs to have a polite response and control on a leash in a crowd while people are visiting, eating, hiking with packs, or carrying packages. Your CGC dog can learn to wait for you as you go through doorways, to be polite to other dogs on leash in their vicinity, and of course to have a nice "recall", "leave-It", and "stay" in a more natural and interesting environment than a classroom setting.

How to get a title

To obtain an AKC Title, the requirements are that your dog has passed a CGC test, has some leash training, and is not dog-reactive or people-reactive. If you are not interested in an AKC Title, you can still take this class, learn all kinds of fun things and run through the evaluation at the end just for the fun of it! If you need to set it up separately from class, you will need to contact us for an appointment and there will be an additional $15 fee.


To obtain a CGCA or CGCU title, your dog must have already received their CGC Certification.


Cost of Advanced Clicker Class

$189 for 6 weeks - in-person

Upcoming Class Schedule

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