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Feisty Fidos

Our 6-Week Course

These are small group classes for dogs with aggressive behaviors. Because we have worked with many individuals who have dogs with aggressive behaviors (whether with other dogs or with people); we have discovered that many clients would like additional help beyond the basic consultation and instructions. In our experience, we have discovered that people are often hesitant to practice the desensitization exercises on their own because they are concerned that they’ll do it wrong. We have also found a number of dogs that are really too reactive to do well in a normal, group classroom setting. We are pleased to have created a class for these clients where they can learn in a safe, controlled setting.

We concentrate on teaching handlers:

  • Tools: Learn about safe and humane management tools such as head halters, no-pull harness, and martingale collars

  • Body Language: Learn to recognize your dog’s body language so you can redirect your dog or remove him from the situation before aggressive reactions occur

  • Management: Learn how to manage your dog effectively in various situations

  • Self-Control: Learn how to teach your dog self-control so that they can bring their own arousal level down

  • Train Behaviors: Learn how to teach your dog basic behaviors that are helpful when dealing with aggressive reactions (leave-it, come, stay, attention, etc.)

  • Reframe Reactions: Learn how to reframe (with classical conditioning) your dog’s reaction to whatever is triggering them

  • Desensitize the Dog to Triggers: Learn how to perform systematic desensitization protocols that will slowly and very effectively change your dog’s reaction to triggers

  • Unexpected Dog Interactions: Handlers and dogs will learn how to help diffuse an unexpected interaction with an off-leash dog.


An initial evaluation of the dog prior to the class at our facility at no additional cost to the client.

Aggressive Dog Training Classes

Cost of Our Feisty Fidos Class

$319 for 6 weeks - in-person

Class Schedule

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