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Puppy Enrichment

Our 4-Week Course

This is a four-week class, plus an orientation to be viewed online. It was created specifically for the young adolescent dog (ages 4 months through 8 months). During this developmental stage, most dogs will grow too close to adult size and yet are still working with the attention span of a youngster and are very easily distracted. Many handlers can find this developmental stage frustrating as it relates to training. Plus, fear periods and destructive behavior increase during this developmental stage, so continued training is critical.


Socialization Opportunities

This class is designed to continue your dog’s socialization, introduce your dog to new things that will help build confidence, and continue building on the skills started in Puppy Preschool. 

What we'll work on:

We will teach you exercises that will help your young dog learn self-control. Learning self-control will help your adolescent dog keep his or her arousal level down. Over-arousal contributes to an inability to focus and can be a precursor to aggressive behavior. Most importantly, this class will help build a foundation that will accelerate your dog’s continued learning as they mature.

Puppy Enrichment Dog Training Class

Watch Puppy Enrichment Orientation

Cost of Our Puppy Enrichment Class

$130 for 4 weeks - in-person

Upcoming Class Schedule

Puppy Enrichment Students

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