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Intermediate Clicker Class & CGC

Our 6-Week Course

This 6-week course is designed to help you continue more advanced clicker training techniques, fine-tune your dog’s existing behaviors, and provide an opportunity for an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation.  Now that you and your dog understand the basics of operant conditioning and your dog has become “clicker wise”, the real fun begins! 


What we'll do:

  • Learn additional skills

  • Work with “distraction” training

  • Learn about shaping behaviors

  • Learn about food delay and secondary reinforcers for getting more performance in the ring

  • Review the 10 steps of the Canine Good Citizen Evaluation

  • Provide a CGC evaluation (at no additional charge) at the last session of class. The CGC is now a title through the American Kennel Club.

Prerequisite for this class:  

Elementary clicker, Refined manners recommended


If you would like information on obtaining a Canine Good Citizen certificate outside of this class, click here. 


Cost of Our Intermediate Clicker Class

$170 for 6 weeks

$10 for CGC Certificate
$20 to AKC for AKC Title

Want to register but still need guidance? Please fill out our New Client form and one of our trainers will contact you!

Upcoming Class Schedule

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