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AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title

Our 5-Week Course

In this course, we'll get you prepared to have your dog perform 10 of the required tricks for our evaluator. The tricks will come from the Advanced Trick Dog List and you will get the opportunity to pick 2 tricks if you'd like!


Must have the Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog Titles. CGC is not required.


Examples of Tricks on List for Trick Dog Intermediate Level:

  • Back up (walk backward)

  • Balance treat on nose, flip to eat when told "ok"”

  • Barrel (roll with 2 paws, or stand on with 4)

  • Bow (take a bow)

  • Circle right, circle left

  • Cover your eyes

  • Cover-up with blanket


Cost of AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title

$145 for 5 weeks - in-person

Upcoming Class Schedule

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