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AKC Scent Work Handler Discrimination

Learn About Our 1 Day Seminar

Handler discrimination is a class in which the dog searches for the handler’s scent rather than the odor of an essential oil. The handler must provide the scented article for the search and it must be either a cotton glove or cotton sock for the Novice class or a cotton ball or cotton swab (q-tip) for the Advanced class. In addition, an article with the judge’s scent will also be hidden and the dog must choose its owner’s scent over that of the judge.


What We'll Be Doing

In this seminar, we will introduce the dogs to searching for their handler’s scent. Once dogs understand the concept, we will proceed to practice these concepts in the Novice and Advanced classes.


Handler Discrimination has proven to be one of the most difficult of all classes offered in AKC Scent Work trials. This seminar will give handlers a step up in their ability to be competitive in this event. In a future seminar, we will address both the Excellent and Master levels of Handler Discrimination.


This seminar will be led by Betty Scattini who is an AKC judge as well as a Certified Nose Work Instructor. She has worked with Gentle Touch Pet Training for over ten years as an instructor.

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Cost of Handler Discrimination Seminar

$75 for 2 hour seminar

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