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Conformation Handling Level 1

Our 4-Week Course

The Conformation 1 Class will start from the beginning, teaching you to train the behaviors your dog will need to show confidently in the Conformation Ring. Using fun games like “stand in the hoop,” “paw target a mat,” and “show me.” You and your dog will have a great time as you learn specific breed ring behaviors! We’ll work on the show stack, free stacking, gaiting, expression (looking enthusiastically at the judge), and being handled on the floor by a stranger (or table if you have a small dog).


  1. Read and understand your dog’s breed standard, and bring a copy of it to class.

  2. Find out exactly how your dog should “look” as they gait around the ring including tail carriage, ears, expression, etc. Have that information ready when you come to class.

  3. Bring a copy of an article about your breed from an AKC Gazette or other breed magazine or book.

  4. Please wear comfortable shoes and a jacket or skirt with pockets.

  5. Your dog can come in a buckle/clasp collar and regular leash the first class, but we’ll ask you to look for the correct “tack” and start bringing it to class, i.e. a show collar and lead.

  6. Bring a lot of small soft treats as well as some large “chunks” of bait such as liver or Great Bait.


Cost of Conformation Handling 1

$110 for 4 classes - in-person

Conformation classes currently unavailable.

Upcoming Class Schedule

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