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Welcome to Puppy Classes!

We're so glad you're interested in bringing your pup to our puppy classes. Puppy classes are important for the early socialization of your pup. In fact, the primary time for puppy socialization is within the first three months of life. This is the critical time when sociability outweighs fear. Group classes are a great way to take advantage of this time, and will assist in lowering the risk of behavioral problems later in life.  


We've got a couple of classes for you to choose from. We're confident that these classes will help build the foundation for your pup's learning and training journey! To learn more about the importance of puppy classes read this article

Browse Our Classes

Group Puppy Classes at Gentle Touch Pet Training

Puppy Preschool


Valuable Socialization and a great start on training for puppies 8 to 16 weeks.

Group Puppy Classes at Gentle Touch Pet Training

Puppy Enrichment

Training designed for the adolescent dog ages 4 to 8 months

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