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The Mental Side of Competition & Training

A Mental Management® Class

Learn the concepts and techniques to achieve consistent top performance taught to Olympic teams around the world from Certified Mental Management® Instructor Teah Anders.


Imagine looking forward to competitions knowing that you have the knowledge and tools to mentally perform at your best, on-demand. This knowledge and skill will enrich many other areas of your life, giving you an understanding of how to deal with pressure and reduce anxiety.

In sports and most competitive events, 5% of competitors do 95% of the winning. You will learn what top competitors are doing to consistently perform at their best. You will also learn the proven Mental Management® System™ developed by Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham. This system can be used to mentally focus and perform under pressure.

While this knowledge and system can be used for any sport, performance, or business application, in this class we will focus on how to apply the Mental Management® techniques to dog sports. With dog sports, mental management is critical to consistent performance since dogs are so sensitive to the handler’s anxiety. Lack of mental consistency is one of the primary reasons dog competitors can be so successful in practice and not in competitions.

What secrets you'll learn

  • How to prepare for a competition

  • The importance of goals and a training program

  • What to think about when competing

  • What to think about after the competition

  • How hard should you try when competing

  • How to use pressure to your advantage

  • How not to sabotage yourself and self-destruct

  • Understand the basic concepts of the mental performance

  • Learn the proven Mental Management® System™ to focus and mentally performing under pressure

  • How to define your goals and create a personal training program


Cost of Mental Management® Class

$170 for 6 classes - people only class

$25 for the book With Winning in Mind and a high-quality performance journal

Upcoming Class Schedule

No classes planned at this time. Please contact us if you are interested.

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