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Treibball Class

Our 6-Week Course

This fun class is an introduction to the fairly new dog sport of Treibball (pronounced Try-ball). We provide a pressure-free and non-competitive environment for your dog. If you have a herding dog but don’t have anything for them to herd, this urban herding sport is the perfect outlet for your dog’s herding drive without having any livestock around.


What They'll Learn

The dogs learn to herd large exercise balls into an area. It combines herding, obedience, and focus in a way that is not only fun but mentally and physically challenging. While learning Treibball, you and your dog will increase your capability to communicate and learn valuable skills that will help you during the game, and in everyday life. So bring some treats, enthusiasm, and plenty of excitement to our fun, new Treibball class!


Cost of Treibball Class

$170 for 6 weeks - in-person

Upcoming Class Schedule

Classes are unavailable right now. We will update you as soon as we schedule future classes!

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