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Dog Training Workshops

Gentle Touch Pet Training is now offering One Day Workshops!​

Loose Leash Walking

Who’s walking whom? Our Workshop series is back by popular demand! This time, we’ll be working on teaching your wannabe sled dog that we prefer a nice loose leash when we walk. Our Loose Leash Walking Workshop will focus on tips and tricks to get your pup engaging with you when you step out the front door. We will introduce some of our favorite games, practice some new behaviors, and discuss management tools to set you and your pup up for success when you are out and about!


"Coming" When Called

"Come" When Called Workshop can help you work towards a more reliable recall with your dog. You and your dog will have a chance to learn and practice some new games to hone your skills. Using engaging games founded in science-based, positive methods, your pup will learn to be a recall star! We will discuss tips, tricks, and best practices for turning a chronic runner into a better listener.

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