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Duration Training

Learn how you can practice duration training with your dog to get them to sit and stay for longer periods of time!

How To Stop Inappropriate Chewing

Learn how to help your dog overcome chewing on things they're not supposed to chew on!

Keep training consistent

Do you sometimes give your dog table scraps, but want them to stop begging for food? You've let them get away with it. It's time to be more consistent!

Reinforcing Positive Behaviors

Want to teach your dog how to sit or lay down? Your dog already knows how! It's up to us to reinforce those positive behaviors!

Staying Rooted to Ground

Find out why your training stance matters! It may seem natural to want to sit with your dog but that can prove counterproductive.

Why You Should Train Your Dog In All Settings

Training your dog in the same setting could get boring for your dog! See why you should train your dog in all settings!

Why age appropriate training is important

It can be frustrating taking a puppy for a walk! However, it's just a puppy! Learn about age appropriate training.

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Why training environment matters

Learn how to be aware of the environment you're trying to teach your dog tricks!

Why you shouldn't be treat stingy

Being generous with treats can make a difference when you're teaching or training your dog! Learn how to avoid being treat-stingy with your dog!

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Why you shouldn't nag your dog

Asking your dog to do something over and over again? Learn how to get your dog to do perform a task for you by waiting them out!

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